Create stable API for mutable config items
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To be able to access various things (such as the user list or channel configuration) from the web interface as well as the bot itself, we should have a common interface to access them.

ilbelkyr created this task.Feb 12 2017, 19:06
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We might just end up putting more of the configuration in the DB. It'd allow us to benefit from the advantages of a relational database, plus it means we can easily use transactions. rASM3012c7711d95 does some work towards this, but we don't currently use the table (yet).

I'd like others who run an ASM instance to weigh in on this. In particular, I'd like to get rid of users.json and friends (especially including the .htpasswd management), moving this sort of data to the DB. This would go along with T18: Expose a usable web UI, and the new web UI would have no need for .htpasswd files.